Who They Want

Table How Prior County Executives Are Contributing:

Entity/person Amount Recipient Date
James Robey 100 B McMahon for Sheriff 5/30/18
Elizabeth Bobo 100 D Jung for County Council 5/10/18
Ken Ulman 1000 G Guzzone 1/10/17
Ken Ulman 250 C Watson 10/21/18
Ken Ulman 500 J Feldmark 10/21/18
Ken Ulman 1000 C Ball 10/19/18
Ken Ulman 739.71 J Feldmark 4/26/18


Robey endorsed Calvin Ball, but didn’t contribute any money to him? And his only declared financial investment to any current candidate, with the exception of a transfer of the remainder of his campaign funds to his son Wayne Robey for his race for Clerk (hope those donors were okay with that choice?) is to Republican Bill McMahon for Sheriff? He’s certainly free to give his money where he wishes, but there are a lot of groups here in Howard County that would be surprised to see who their beloveds are supporting!


Liz Bobo, who also endorsed Calvin Ball but didn’t contribute financially to his campaign only gave funds to Deb Jung for County Council? Jung does appear to be a candidate in her district (D4), so it makes sense.


Ken Ulman makes up for his predecessors lack of financial backing. Of course he gives to The Expected Ones: Guzzone, Watson, Feldmark and Ball. How original!! What’s most interesting is who these people are not contributing to. Ulman doesn’t appear to do the local scene below County Executive, and the other two don’t go beyond their own backyards. What they all have in common is that they aren’t really appearing to be very vocal about local politics, which is wise for each of them to do given their respective track records concerning the overdevelopment that is on everyone’s lips this election! Not one of them should be opening their mouths given what they’ve done in the past.