Why this site?


It’s really that simple. A collection of us felt that this election was too important to have some things not being said that needed to be said in relation to campaigns. We were highly dissatisfied with many of the organizations that seemed to have agendas, and the lack of coverage in the media here in Howard. So we started watching what was going on in the places that weren’t as well known, and made the decision to let people know about some of the things we found. The League of Women Voters videos were watched, various forum videos were watched, campaign contribution data was analyzed, blogs were consulted, and social media was scanned. We purposefully did not visit any websites created by candidates, because we couldn’t be sure that the words were actually their words. We focused on their spoken words, and the finance data that was reported to the state by them.


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Senator questions security breach at courthouse by Howard County Register of Wills

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